ICS strives to provide students with all information needed about the universities. Our objective is to speed up and simplify the student application process by serving as the primary liaison betw

een academic institutions and potential students.   We specialize in advocating international students from around the world in universities and colleges. Working with overseas agents and collegiate bodies abroad, we utilize creative and innovative approaches to the educational market.  We help students to continue their study abroad to become mindful and engaged global citizens – leaders

and professionals with a strong sense of social responsibility who fearlessly embrace global and local challenges with optimism, passion, and innovative thinking.

ICS deals globally with different universities around the world like England, USA, Canada, Poland, Germany, and Italy.  Most of these universities assist students to join their career market. For instance, 70 % of engineering students achieve their targets for getting jobs soon after graduation at a high Technological companies in Europe.  For instance in Poland, most of companies prefer graduates from Warsaw university of Technology and Poznan University of Technology, Collegium da Vinci and Collegium Civitas.


Warsaw University of Technology :

 Warsaw University was established in 1816, it is the largest university in Poland. It employs over 6,000 staff

including over 3,100 academic educators. It provides graduate courses for 53,000 students (on top of over 9,200 postgraduate and doctoral candidates). The University offers 37 different fields of study, 18 faculties and over 100 specializations in Humanities, technical as well as Natural Science.

Warsaw University of Technology (WUT) is a technical research institution with traditions in education dating back to the nineteenth century. It is a forward-thinking institution where high-quality education meets world-class research and innovation.

The University of Warsaw over the past nine years was ranked on the top in Poland until 2017 in the Engineering field and Modern Scientific Technology.


Why Warsaw University of Technology?

  • The first place in the classification of engineering colleges (civil – mechanical – electrical – communications and other sections of different?
  • There are 19 different colleges in its various departments.
  • It includes 27 programs to study in English.
  • Warsaw was ranked second in the world in terms of providing the highest potential for international students’ studying and suitable prices.
  • 72% of university’s graduates get jobs in less than a month.
  • 61.6% of students have opportunities to be recruited by various companies during their studies.

Poznan University of Technology

Poznan University of Technology embraced the beginnings of higher technical education dating back to 1919. Over 100 year of modern, rich and innovative education. It has adapted to meet requirements of employers – both Polish and foreign ones. The University offers education at 10 faculties which provide students with a choice of 27 fields of study, more than 100 specializations. More than 20,000 students of all grades receive the highly professional level of learning. More than 1,200 experienced academic staff care about their  Students. The university introduces “Technology in a Positive Feeling”.Its main concern to fulfill the needs of young people whom we know the future belongs to. This encouraging conviction continuously inspires us to work even harder. That’s why, it has become one of the most recognized landmarks of Poznan, where the industry is perfectly combined with education and culture.

Why Poznan University?

  • PUT has introduced English-language programs as the first Technical University in Poland.
  • 85.2% success rate of international Engineering Tests for Career.
  • More than 400 PUT graduates are already practicing Engineering in the United States.
  • As of now, there are more than 1,300 graduates of the English language Technical programs at PUT.
  • PUTS employs 2,000 experienced teaching and research staff.


Collegium Civitas University

Collegium Civitas is a modern non-state university located in the heart of Warsaw.  The history of the university goes back when Collegium Civitas was established with the initiative of a group of well-known scientists of the Polish Academy of Science, the most prestigious Polish education and institution. Experience andcommitment of founders and faculty members have earned the university a reputation of the best place to study international social and political science in English. Students have their gates open for a successful career in many European and international organizations. In Collegium Civitas, students are encouraged to benefit from educational and career opportunities available in the EU and provide them with a solid educational background to meet high demands of European job market.


Why Collegium Civitas?

  • Collegium Civitas is focused on teaching excellence!
  • National and international recognition of top quality education!
  • Unique opportunity for our students!
  • Prestigious and multicultural community
  • Excellent career opportunities.
  • 6th position within non-state Universities in Poland.
  • 3rd position in the category of ‘Internationalization’ amongst all Polish Higher Education Institutions.
  • 1st placein International ranking of natural science.
  • 1st place in Sociology among non-state Universities in Poland Relations and PoliticalScience amongst non-state Universities in Poland.


Collegium Da Vinci

Collegium Da Vinci is the modern type of university which serves as a career-accelerator facilitating the road from being a student to being a man (or woman) of business.

Collegium Da Vinci values revolve around the legacy of one of the greatest minds that has ever lived. CDVU students create and represent the ideal fusion of the mod­ern world where innovation empowers change. The university believes that only constant testing of our skills and strengths against the dynamically changing environment in Poland.

We remain proud of our university’s achievements over the last two decades. We continue to stand out as the oldest private university in Poznan City. Our years of expertise in teaching people of all ages, tradi­tions, qualified staff, and modern facilities make our degree diplomas a valuable asset in the eyes of employers around Poland and beyond. The university’s goal is to provide and inspire the world to explore these possibilities and innovate intelligently.

Why Collegium Da Vinci?

  •    Joint projects with companies such as IBM, Microsoft or International Coach Federation: free training and engaging projects, relevant international certificates.
  • A modern building, fully equipped teaching rooms, comprehensive sports facilities – all this in a pleasing environment set in contemporary art.
  • Part of the programs is run in the form of online lectures and e-learning. This means that you can take an active part in classes without leaving your home.



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ICS Event

       ICS Company for Educational Services  welcomed Egyptian students to its International Exhibition of Polish Universities on August 28 and 29 of 2018.  The event was a vital active introduction to Poland as a European Country and its historical and scientific background. Many students registered and attended from all Egypt. Representatives of ICS presented theadvantages of studying abroad. They discussed in details how each university contributed to the knowledge of the graduated students and provided them with enhanced qualification to get vacancies fast at very reputable companies around the world.  The representatives portrayed excessively the real image of the life in Poland and the nature of the educational system there, and stated how the cost of studying in Poland as a center at Europe is low, in comparison to, other countries Like England and France. The company looks forward to do the best for its clients fostering and fulfilling their requirements and needs in the next exhibition.

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